After a long hiatus away from blogger, I thought it high time I start once more.

One interesting thought I have had lately – which might be useful to you – is that I started defining myself as a “professional athlete in the sport of marketing”.  I find this to be a most useful concept.  For one, a professional athlete trains for his sport.  For me, that means I read or listen to, books on marketing.  Lots of books.  I try to listen to at least 1 book a month.  The constant flow of ideas both teaches you new concepts, but also forces you to spend time thinking about your own business and how to apply ideas.

Favorite books?  The Purple Cow – Seth Godin,  Made to Stick – Heath brothers,  Marketing in the Age of Google – Vanessa Fox, Delivering Happiness – Tony Hsieh, – these are a good start.

Treating your work as sport brings a sense of competitive energy and fires up the spirit.  Its no longer work – it is a game you play to win.  Fun!

Bart O’Brien – Life of a romantic winemaker

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